It’s more than just good food.

When some people think of picnics we see that red and white checkered table cloth and a wicker basket. Some peole automatically think of ants and flying insects buzzing around their plate of fried chicken, potato salad and baked beans. Well maybe not everyone has that last one. Picnics also evoke the thoughts of fun, family, playing games and happiness. With that being said why would a company not want to make picnics a vital part of their culture. These gatherings or picnics are less about what type of food we are going to gorge ourselves with than the people we are with. The people and the events we share with them.

Showing appreciation 

Picnics or gatherings or an incredible way for owners and managers to show to their team how much they mean to them. And how much we appreciated all they do for our company. People want to feel appreciated and more often than not as business owners we think that the paycheck is appreciation enough. It’s not. Take the time to plan an event that affords you the opportunity to show your team how much they mean to you.

Shared experiences

We all have shared experiences at work but how many of your employees have had the opportunity to laugh until soda squirts from their noses. Are to have the opportunity to laugh at the person whose nose the soda squirted out of. These are moments that help to shape our teams. Picnics and gatherings give us many opportunities to connect with the people we spend so much time with everyday but actually know little about. Imagine an event where we have food and fun along with some structured information gathering and team building. Depending on the size of your company you could break into teams and perform skits for the group akin to the type of productions the Little Rascals put on. Alternatively, you could partner people up randomly and they would have to discover something new about that person than share it with the group.

There are even picnic places that offer teambuilding exercises complete with ropes courses. Do some research. Find a place in your area and have fun.

Boosting retention?

You will find that these events while not having a quantifiable return on investment, picnics more than make up for the expense of them in an increase company morale. Your staff will be happier. Happier people stay at the companies that make them happy. In addition to being fun remember picnics show appreciation. People tend to quit their jobs when they feel they are under appreciated.

Meeting Minutes

At an upcomming staff meeting throw the picnic idea out to your group to get a feel for how they might recieve it. Once you discover how well recieved the idea is delegate all of the planning to your staff. Really, delegate the entire thing to your staff. Just give them a budget and set parameters for what you want to accomplish and get out of the way.

Have Fun!


Eric Manuel
Co-Dean Vanguard Business Academy