The Wash House provides a unique opportunity to transform a simple service into an unforgettable spa-like retreat with small yet
impactful details. In addition, you have the opportunity to up-sell and add on treatments with each guest visit. This will immediately increase your average service ticket.

Here’s how…

Treat them to world-class service. Any salon can do it. It starts with the physical environment, the look and feel of the Wash House. It’s as easy as playing soft music, lighting a scented candle, dimming the lights, softly speaking (if any at all), giving a great scalp massage, using hot towels and offering luxurious treatment services. Make sure backbar, chairs and bowls are always clean. Do all your taking and question asking before entering the Wash House (except for quietly confirming that the water temperature is ok). All of these little touches help to create an indulgent experience your guests will love and not be able to live without. Once they’ve experienced this spa-like treatment, they will look forward to the Wash House experience with each visit and will be inspired to book their next appointment.

Have a Wash House menu. Having a menu, which lists all the treatments options at your salon is a great way to give your guests the details on the different treatments you offer. It’s simply another form of communication. Each guest should be handed the menu, either at check in or during the consultation. You could say, “Take a look at our Wash House menu. It’s filled with the most amazing treatments for your hair.”

Upgrade. Don’t sell, recommend or entice. During your consultation is a great time to speak with your guest about the Wash House treatments you offer. You are having a conversation about the guests’ hair, their wants and needs. Now is the time to make a recommendation based on what they tell you about their specific hair. Try something like, “Because you said your hair feels dry and it is a bit damaged, I’m going to recommend we do an Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratriplex treatment today. This will repair some of the damage and add some hydration for you. It’s also going to make it look healthy and shiny!”

Recap. After you’ve completed the treatment service, comment on how great their hair feels. When you are completely finished with the service, comment on how great their hair looks and feels. At this point you should recap what you used and educate the guests on how they can maintain their hair, at home, to keep it hydrated and healthy. Say something like, “So today we used the Awapuhi Wild Ginger Shampoo and Intensive Moisture Treatment. I recommend that you use it at home to continue adding moisture to your hair every time you shampoo. This will keep it healthy and shiny. I’ll show it to you when we go up to the Take Home area.”

Following these simple steps can lead to a significant increase in your total sales numbers. At Vanguard Business Academy, we recommend shooting for a goal of 20% of your total service transactions to be in the form of Wash House treatments. That means if you see 100 guests, in a specific time period, 20 of them should receive a treatment.

What does that look like in dollars?

Consider that you charge $25 on average for a treatment. If you do just 5 treatments a week, you would generate an additional $125 ($25 x 5). If you do that each week for the whole year (52 weeks) you would generate an additional $6,500 ($125 x 52).

It’s as easy as recommending the appropriate treatment based on the guests’ needs discovered during the consultation. If you make the recommendation to every guest, every time, you will certainly see the results.

Keri Manuel, Co-dean, Vanguard Business Academy


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