Color Bar Profit Center

Celebrate your professional expertise with the Color Bar—an area dedicated to the merchandising, mixing, and processing of hair color–that encourages your guests to see hair color as a salon-only service. In this chapter will show you what a customer should see, hear, and feel at the Color Bar. We will also show you how much additional money you can produce because of your efforts in this profit center.

Growing Sales: During your consultation at the styling station, always take the time to talk to your guests about color. Even if they are not scheduled for a color service, you should have a color conversation. Get them thinking about color. If they don’t get it today, they may schedule it for next time.

Managing Guest Expectations: Devoting an area in your salon for the Color Bar will demonstrate to your guests the professional knowledge needed to create custom color formulations and achieve results they can’t get at home. A thorough color consultation, using pictures, will help put your guest at ease and give you confidence that you will completely meet your guest’s expectations.


Benchmark: 50% of Service Sales


Goal example: 5 Additional Color Services per Week
What do you need to do to get an additional 5 color services per week? Only one extra per day. If you have a thorough consultation with every guest, this should be an easy goal to hit and the impact on your business can be significant.

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