Reservation Desk Profit Center

Through efficient systems and consistent behaviors, the Reservation Desk has the power to significantly drive
revenues and have a
positive impact, on the financial health of your business. This chapter will show you what a customer should see, hear, and feel at the Reservation Desk. We will also show you how much additional money you can produce because of your efforts in this profit center.

Growing Sales: It’s also the perfect opportunity to introduce guests to new services, products, and salon offerings. This profit center can be used as a vehicle to increase guest traffic, frequency of visit, and average service ticket.

Managing Guest Expectations: The reservation desk is one of the most important areas of the entire business. This position represents the face of the salon. It’s the so important first and last contact and impression guests have when they visit your salon.


Benchmark: 60% prebook


Goal Example: 60% prebook
Try to get 60% of your guests to book their next appointment before they leave the salon. That’s just 6 out of every 10 of your guests. Pre-booking is the best and easiest way to increase frequency of visit (visits per year). Increasing frequency of visit has a major impact on growing your business.