July 30-31, 2017

Reservation Success The reservation desk is one of the most important areas of the business…a highly valuable position. The face of the business and that, oh so important, first and last impression. Reservationists are in control of the books and literally hold the money-making potential of the business in the palms of their hands. This 2-day course is designed to give you the systems needed to run an efficient, effective and successful desk that will impact the growth of the business.

Evolution will give you the skills to build strong teams, create extraordinary customer experiences, price services, have effective staff meetings, set goals and track results. Each business will create a financial forecast to accurately predict revenues and expenses and allow you a look into the future of your business. This is real world application where what is learned can be immediately applied.

Topics Covered:
Impacting Service and Take Home Sales
Keeping Score and Driving Salon Growth
Up-selling Strategies
Building Customer Loyalty
Pre-booking Like a Pro
Mastering Key Performance Indicators
Scripts To Get Results

Class Location:
Vanguard College of Cosmetology – Slidell Campus
740 Oak Harbor Blvd. Slidell 70458

Vanguard College - Slidell Campus

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