Salon Profit Generator

The Salon Profit Generator is designed to convert your energy into optimal income, or profitability.  It consists of seven distinct profit centers that can be scaled for an individual or salon of any size. It leverages the profit centers to enable salon professionals to attain optimal profit potential.

Business’ profit centers must be managed properly to ensure they do not become cost centers. Creating separate profit centers within a salon allows management to evaluate the profitability of each operating unit. Attaining optimal income or frofit potential is a matter of managing each profit center in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Not doing so leads to lackluster financial outcomes, such as increased costs, poor cash flow, and eventual business failure.

Reservation Desk Profit Center

Where the customer experience begins and ends
The reservation desk is one of the most important areas of the entire business. It’s a perfect opportunity to introduce guests to new services, products and salon offerings. Learn how to use this area as a vehicle to increase guest traffic, frequency of visit, and average service ticket. Through efficient systems and consistent behaviors, at the Reservation Desk, you have the power to significantly drive revenues and have a positive impact on the financial health of your business. Learn more…

Styling Station Profit Center

A place to share your knowledge
Your stylist station is not just a chair for cutting and styling your guests’ hair—it’s a place to share knowledge that will inspire your guest to make a Take Home purchase and book their next appointment. Every guest who sits in your chair is a captive audience. Use that time as an opportunity to explain how to use the products, tools, and techniques to create their salon look and open a dialogue about Take Home options. Learn more…

Color Bar Profit Center

Celebrate color & highlight your professional expertise 

Celebrate your professional expertise with the Color Bar—an area dedicated to the merchandising, mixing and processing of hair color – that encourages your guests to see hair color as a salon-only service. Devoting an area in your salon for the Color Bar will demonstrate to your guests the professional knowledge needed to create custom color formulations and achieve results they can’t get at home. Learn more…

Wash House Profit Center

Transform a simple service into an unforgettable spa-like retreat 
Soft music, dim lighting and luxurious add-on treatments create an indulgent experience that inspires your guests to book their next
appointment. Use these tips and add-ons to create a memorable Wash House experience and boost salon revenue. Learn more…

Tool Bar Profit Center

An interactive area that’s part display and part play
The Tool Bar is an interactive area that’s part display and part play, where guests can experiment with thermal styling tools. This dedicated area not only provides a high level of service for your clients, but it also creates a new way to increase revenue through more tools sales. Almost every guest who sits in your chair has a tool at home—show them how they would benefit from making Paul Mitchell® styling tools their brand of choice! Learn more…

Take Home Profit Center

Create a tailored take home routine for each guest 
Give your guests the ultimate Take Home experience. Give the products the time and attention needed to completely educate your guests on which products are right for them. Learning how to take care of their hair care needs at home is critical to their ultimate satisfaction. Learn more…

Social Commerce Profit Center

Drive your business by having a strong web presence 
Social media is now an integral part of nearly everyone’s lives and can be one of the most effective tools for marketing yourself to new and loyal clients. Learn how to maximize your social media presence to promote and support your business with best practices, tips, and strategies. Learn more…