Social Commerce Profit Center

Social Commerce is now an integral part of nearly everyone’s lives and can be one of the most effective tools for marketing yourself to new and loyal clients. This chapter will show you what a customer should see, hear and feel in Social Commerce. We will also show you how much additional money you can produce because of your efforts in this profit center.

Growing Sales: Using social commerce effectively will help to get your name out into the community and can have a huge impact on your business as you build your clientele.

Managing Guest Expectations: Consumers love getting valuable information via the internet. Using social commerce to educate your current and prospective guests through tutorials and blogs can add a ton of value to you as a professional.

Benchmark: 10 New Guests per Month

Goal example: 10 New Guests per Month
Using social media effectively can help drive new customers to you and entice your existing customers to come back sooner rather than later. Showcase your work with enthusiasm, and people will want to experience your magic. Take a look at what adding just 10 extra new guests per month can do for your sales revenue.

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