Take Home Profit Center

All guests have challenges with their hair. You can solve those challenges. Using and selling Take Home will make you look like a “miracle worker” to your guests. This chapter will show you what a customer should see, hear, and feel in the Take Home area. We will also show you how much additional money you can produce because of your efforts in this profit center.

Growing Sales: It is important to understand that selling take-home products is part of your job. It’s part of the service. Selling take-home products to your guests will increase the chances of them coming back to you again. Customers returning to you will increase your revenue, not to mention increasing your take-home sales.

Managing Guest Expectations: Give your guests the ultimate Take Home experience. Give the products the time and attention needed to completely educate your guests on which products are right for them. Learning how to take care of their hair care needs at home is critical to their ultimate satisfaction.

Benchmark: 35% of Guest Purchasing

Goal example: 35% of Guests Purchasing Take Home
How easy would it be to get just three or four out of every 10 guests to purchase take-home products? It’s pretty easy if you follow a system. A great system requires that the take-home conversation starts during the consultation, continues throughout the service, and is finished with a recap. Pull each product and place it on the reservation desk as you talk about it. If you do this with every guest at every visit, you will see phenomenal results!

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