Tool Bar Profit Center

This dedicated area not only provides a high level of service for your clients, but it also creates a new way to increase revenue through more tools sales. This chapter will show you what a customer should see, hear, and feel at the Tool Bar. We will also show you how much additional money you can produce because of your efforts in this profit center.

Growing Sales: Almost every guest who sits in your chair has a tool at home—show them how they would benefit from making Paul Mitchell® styling tools their brand of choice! Educating guests on how to use the tools at home will inspire them to purchase the tools they need.

Managing Guest Expectations: The Tool Bar is an interactive area that’s part display and part play, where guests can experiment with thermal styling tools and try before they buy.

Benchmark: 5% of Take-Home Transactions


Goal example: 5% of total Take Home transactions
If just 5% of your total Take Home transactions were in the form of Tool sales, you would see your take home sales skyrocket. Make it part of your system, a habit, to educate each guest on just how easy it is for them to recreate the style you gave them by using the correct tools at home.

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