Energize Yourself and Your Team

How do I get the people around me to be more motivated? This is a question that I hear often. The easiest way to motivate your team is to first motivate yourself. Owners and managers that say their staff is negative are part of the problem. The first step is to take a long hard look at yourself and your behaviors.We will share 5 easy steps to energize yourself and the people around you.

As simple as it sounds all you have to do is smile. When you smile, people around you smile. So as crazy as it sounds if you want to energize yourself and the people around you start smiling. So next time you are having a great day, simply tell your face.

Positive Communication
Congrats you have mastered the smiling, now it’s time to move onto step two. Continuing on your path toward greater motivation you need to start having better conversations. These start by simply smiling and asking how are you? The secret to positive communication is genuinely caring about people.

Here is a scenario that may or may not have happened to you. You wake up and remember that you forgot to make an important call the day before. So you frantically get ready for work, the whole time chanting “I gotta call”. You arrive at work with that I gotta do something really bad. A few staff members are hanging around the front desk laughing. You blow by to get to the office as fast as you can. ” I gotta call, I gotta call”. Your staff who were in great spirits, are now concerned. You stormed in, NO smile, NO hello, NO nothing. Wholly crap he must be mad. What did you do, is the question they ask each other. Meanwhile, in the office you are getting ready to make your call and you accidentally knock something off the desk. Your staff hears the crash from outside and say, wholly crap again because you are now throwing stuff around. Fast forward you completed your call, everything is perfect and you come out of the office all chipper and full of self accomplishment ready to tell your team about your call mishap and ready to laugh with them. As soon as they hear your office door creak they scatter like roaches when the light comes on. Now you say what’s wrong with them? And the downward spiral continues. All that was needed to be done to alleviate this whole scenario was upon entering your business simply smile, say good morning, good evening or good afternoon and say I have to make a quick phone call and I will be right back. Thirty seconds of positive communication staves off the possible hours of negative energy created by your team making stuff up because we simply did not say good morning.

Actively Engage & Listen
You are flying through this. Smile – check, Positive Communication – check. This is energizing stuff is easy. Lets move on to step three, actively engage and listen. This is the lynch pin to the whole process of energizing yourself and your staff. If you smile more the people around you will smile, If you have positive communication with them the positive energy will ripple out. But when you actively engage and listen to people you change lives. like I mentioned before the secret is genuinely caring this is where you show it. Most people ask how was your night so that they can tell you what they did the night before. When you actively engage and listen you ask the question and wait for it … you listen to the response and ask follow-up questions. The magic is in the listening. There is a reason we have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we talk.

So grasshopper you are on you way to becoming an energizing ninja. Now that you have smiling, positive communication, and you are actively engaging and listening to everybody it is time to start appreciating. I like to say if, “someone goes the extra mile shouldn’t you.” To truly energize people you have to let them know when they ROCK!!! If someone goes above and beyond for you, let them know. Be letting people know that you appreciate them they repeat the act that got them the recognition. Hold it right there. I know that as you are reading this you are probably thinking I will just jump right to appreciation and fast track this energizing stuff. WRONG! That will just cause more problems. If you have not been smiling at them, having positive communication with them, and you have not been actively engaging and listening to them you have not earned the right to jump right to appreciation. Your appreciation efforts will seem insincere.

The last and final step on your energizing journey is the easiest of all. Simply ENJOY! Enjoy the process, bask in the enjoyment of energizing others after all its fun.

What are you waiting for, start now. Smile at the next person you see. What’s the worst thing that will happen? They don’t smile back, so what you did. Can’t worry about what other people do just yourself. Have fun. Follow the five easy steps and create a more positive environment every where you go.