Pre-Booking Success

Pre-booking effects productivity.
Want to find ways to increase transactions in your salon/spa? The easiest way is to simply have your current guests that already know and love you to come in more often. It is much easier to increase the frequency of visit than it is to attract new guests. So, by simply pre-booking we can increase the number of times a guests visits your salon/spa. How do we do it?

By creating scripts it becomes easier for the staff member to get the guest to schedule their next appointment before leaving the salon/spa.

Example script: “Mrs Jones I need to see you in 5 weeks for a haircut. So, let’s go ahead and schedule it today so that we can work it into your schedule as opposed to waiting and you having to work around mine.”

This script is very direct that we are going to schedule your appointment today by providing a customer service. It gives Mrs Jones the opportunity to be in control instead of being out of control in 5 weeks without an appointment. 

Pre-booking steps to success

  1. It starts in the consultation
    During the consultation is when you mention how often they are expected to come back. By mentioning it at this time, we allow the front desk to close our pre-booking efforts.
  2. A simple script
    By creating a simple script, it will give you the confidence to know what to say.
  3. Front desk success
    Set the front desk up for success by mentioning it in the consultation the service provider does not need to be present at close. The front desk will simply follow the script to pre-book the guest. The challenge that most front desk people face is when they say , “Mrs Jones __________(technician) needs to see you in 5 weeks”. And that is the first time the guest is hearing it.
  4. Be specific
    If you tell the guest that you need to see them in 6-8 weeks, she hears eight weeks. Tell them when you need to see them.

Pre-booking Scripts

Service Provider 
“Mrs Jones, I need to see you again in _____weeks for ____ (service). When you come back in we will be having a wonderful promotion. We will treat all guests to an _______ (value added service) during the shampoo, a 5-minute relaxing service to provide an immediate result. Let’s go ahead and schedule it today for ______ so that we can work it into your schedule.”

Front Desk 
“Mrs Jones ______________ (service provider) needs to see you again in _____ weeks for ________(service). When you come back in we will be having a wonderful promotion. We will treat all guests to a  _______ (value added service) during the shampoo, a 5-minute relaxing service to provide an immediate result. Would you like to come in the same day and time or is there another day and time that works better for you?”

Pre-booking Contest

Have a raffle to gee stuff away. The objective is to create excitement around pre-booking. Place glass bowls at the front desk. One for guests and one for technicians. When a guest pre-books an appointment they get to put their name in the guest bowl. The technician whom that guest saw that day also put their name in the technician bowl. For every pre-booked appointment, a name goes in the guest bowl and in the technician bowl. The prizes can be anything you would like. From iPods to dinner for two to weekend getaways. Do these drawings monthly till Pre-booking becomes part of your culture.

Keeping Score

Scoreboards are designed to keep the team focused on the goal. They are a visual reference of our progress. Keep them lively and updated.

How to use the scoreboard: Simply enter total number of the pre-booking goal in the top rectangle, then divide by ten to get your starting number in the bottom rectangle. Use multiples of the starting number thereafter to fill in the remaining rectangles on the left. Update scoreboard daily by shading in the corresponding amount. The goal is to color the image completely.

Difference Pre-Booking Makes

The below chart illustrates the impact that pre-booking has on your business. In this model we assumed the number of guests was 200, this number represents your active clients. Visits per year is the number of times a single guest returns to your salon/spa annually. Multiply the number of guests by the number of visits to determine your total visits per year. Take that total and multiply by your SPST (service per service ticket) to determine you total annual service volume. You can see that pre-booking is an easy way to increase service revenue. You do not need more clients, just the clients you have coming in more.

This chart is for a single service provider.

Use the link below to email me to get this chart in an Excel file so you can put your own numbers in and see how pre-booking can impact your business.

~Eric Manuel